The clever way to sample prep

An innovative laboratory instrument for quickly performing analytical dilutions of standards and samples, filling the need between manual pipetting and full automation.

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Microlab 700 controller

Do more, better, faster

With unmatched versatility, the Microlab 700 is a highly precise instrument that offers a superior technological solution for quick and easy dilution and dispensing of liquids.

It replaces:

  • Frequently equipment calibration

  • Extensive technician training

  • Process documentation

  • Increased sample volumes

  • Replicate sampling

Adapts to your Application

This positive displacement system provides more than 99% accuracy, regardless of the viscosity, vapor pressure and liquid temperature. The inert fluid path minimizes sample transfer and is compatible with harsh chemicals.

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Meeting Industry 4.0 trends, the new Microlab 700 software brings innovative possibilities for communication options with peripherals.

The Microlab 700 controller features a large, easy-to-use touchscreen with a performant processor, two USB ports for connection of RFID scanner, QR/Barcode scanner, USB flash drive; two RS232 Port for connection of balances and label printer.

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